At Vines Grille + Wine Bar, we believe that Happy Hour should be more than just a time to enjoy discounted drinks. It’s a vibrant experience, a moment to relax, connect, and savor the very best in fine dining and hospitality that Orlando has to offer.

Our Happy Hour is not just a fixture of the day but a hallmark of our commitment to excellence. After 20 years of being a locally owned and operated establishment, we’ve crafted a Happy Hour that is a celebration of our heritage, our community, and, of course, our patrons. We’ve heard nothing but praise since its inception, with accolades for our unbeatable prices, fantastic flavors, and an extensive selection of cocktails and wine.

When you step into Vines Grille for the best happy hour in Orlando, you’re stepping into a space that’s fun and loungy, yet exudes an upscale ambiance. Our curved piano bar design and cocktail seating set the stage for a lively gathering, while our full dinner side and beautiful outdoor veranda, complete with soothing fountains, provide a more serene dining experience. The cherry on top? Our live music performances that kick off right after Happy Hour, providing a delightful sonic backdrop to your evening.

The star of our Happy Hour, of course, is our offerings. Our bar bites stand tall among our award-winning dinner dishes, each prepared with fresh ingredients and masterful culinary technique. From our Artichoke Bruschetta to our Wagyu Beef Sliders, each bite is a testament to our dedication to fine dining.

As for our drinks, we have something for everyone. Our cocktail selection is inspired by the season, resulting in refreshing and exciting concoctions like the summer-inspired “Resting Peach Face” and “Thyme to Shine”. Our extensive wine list has been curated by our in-house sommeliers, promising a perfect pairing for any palate or occasion.

Our happy hour crowd is a delightful mix of locals, tourists, and convention-goers, all enjoying the Vines Grille experience. There’s always a lively buzz in the air, with friends and colleagues sharing stories over drinks, and our friendly staff ensuring everyone feels welcome.

Our commitment to maintaining the quality and consistency of our Happy Hour experience is unwavering. We train our staff meticulously to handle the happy hour rush efficiently, ensuring that our patrons always receive the best service.

Why do we consider ourselves the best happy hour in Orlando, FL? Because at Vines Grille, we value more than just the price of a drink. We value the experience, the ambiance, the service, and most importantly, our guests.

As we look to the future, you can expect our Happy Hour to continue evolving. We aim to keep our offerings fresh and exciting, changing our bar bites and craft cocktails to match different seasons and events happening around us.

So, if you haven’t yet, it’s time to come and discover why Vines Grille is the best happy hour in Orlando, FL. We can’t wait to welcome you.

Vines Grille & Wine Bar- Located on 7533 W Sandlake Rd. Orlando, FL 32819

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