2024 Wedding Expo and Orlando is buzzing with excitement as it hosts the 2024 Wedding Expo, a premier event for all things bridal and beautiful. As you immerse yourself in this year’s key features, from the latest bridal trends to innovative wedding services, let Vines Grille & Wine Bar be your guide to turning these ideas into a stunning reality.

The 2024 Wedding Expo: A Glimpse into Your Big Day This year’s Wedding Expo, taking place in the heart of Orlando, is expected to draw a large crowd of wedding enthusiasts, couples, and vendors. The event showcases everything from exquisite wedding gowns and creative floral arrangements to photographers and wedding planners. It’s a treasure trove for anyone planning their big day, offering inspiration and practical solutions under one roof.

Vines Grille & Wine Bar: Where Wedding Dreams Come Alive After exploring the diverse offerings at the Wedding Expo, discover how Vines Grille & Wine Bar can elevate your wedding celebration. Established in 2003, this upscale restaurant is a fusion of Mediterranean Nouveau and American Experimental cuisine, located conveniently on Restaurant Row, just two miles from the Convention Center where the Wedding Expo is held

Elegant Spaces for Every Celebration: Vines Grille & Wine Bar boasts multiple private spaces, each offering its unique charm:

Arnold Palmer Room: Ideal for intimate dining for up to 20 guests, featuring custom-built wine displays for a secluded and exclusive experience

The Cypress Room: A 50-guest capacity room adorned with Cypress wood, perfect for rehearsal dinners and corporate gatherings

The Veranda: An outdoor space accommodating up to 60 guests, suitable for formal dining or casual cocktail receptions

The Main Dining Room: A versatile space for up to 110 guests, offering a VIP experience for larger events

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Culinary Delights for Your Special Day: From the Lunch Package, ideal for daytime gatherings, to the Brunch Package for a delightful post-wedding celebration, the culinary offerings at Vines Grille are meticulously crafted. For evening receptions, choose from our Dinner Packages – ‘Imperial’, ‘Sovereign’, or ‘Midas’, each tailored to provide an unforgettable dining experience​.

Toast to Love: Our drink packages cater to all tastes, whether it’s a selection of fine wines and beers or premium spirits for your guests. We offer flexible options like an Open Bar or a Cash Bar, ensuring that your celebration is both elegant and enjoyable

Conclusion: The 2024 Wedding Expo is your canvas, and Vines Grille & Wine Bar is the palette with which you can paint your dream wedding. We invite you to step into our world after the Expo to explore how we can make your wedding a day to remember. Visit us at [www

(http://www.vinesgrille.com) to learn more, or contact us 407-351-1227 to schedule a tour of our venue and discuss your wedding plans.

As you plan your special day, remember that Vines Grille & Wine Bar is not just a venue; it’s an experience – one that promises to make your wedding as unique and memorable as your love story.